• DIFENO Suppliers Conference

    On November 3, the DIFENO brand and various supply chain partners held a 2021 supply chain partnership meeting at the company headquarters, including suppliers of football shoes, hiking shoes, sports shoes, various materials and packaging. The brand manager Mr. Tang Wuxi...
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  • The Complete Guide to Choose the Right Soccer Boots

    The choice of football shoes must refer to your foot type. The silhouette of football boots is wide and thin, and different foot types feel different when wearing them. Therefore, it should be seated correctly, and the foot shape should correspond to the corresponding sh...
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  • Five series classification of hiking shoes

    Mountaineering shoes should be a kind of outdoor shoes. Everyone is used to calling outdoor shoes hiking shoes. Outdoor shoes are classified by their different adaptability. Different series are suitable for different sports and terrains. The more common outdoor shoes ca...
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