DIFENO Suppliers Conference

On November 3, the DIFENO brand and various supply chain partners held a 2021 supply chain partnership meeting at the company headquarters, including suppliers of football shoes, hiking shoes, sports shoes, various materials and packaging.

The brand manager Mr. Tang Wuxian expressed a warm welcome to the participants and pointed out that many of them have cooperated with the Difeno brand for more than ten years. Mr. Tang Wuxian explained the development concept and development direction of the DIFENO brand in the future. The problems and countermeasures of current brands and supply chain partners are analyzed.

At present, in the fierce market competition, enterprises are not only under pressure from the market, but also under pressure from the same industry and policies. In order to survive and develop better, enterprises must continuously improve the cooperative relationship with the supply chain; improve quality and Guaranteeing supply is still the primary goal of an enterprise's production and development. The basis for achieving these goals must be the effective use of supply chain relationships.

During the meeting, the members of the board of directors also analyzed the key difficulties in the current production and sales, saying that Saifinu will face the problems and solve them together with you.

At the end of the meeting, Mr. Tang Wuxian, the brand manager, said that the formation of a cooperative relationship is very commendable and requires continuous running-in of both parties. At present, the Saifinu brand has been upgraded, and the product quality standards have been continuously improved. Facing the unknown future, Saifinu is willing to With the partners participating in the conference, "group together to warm up", build a community of destiny, gather greater energy, and not be afraid of market challenges.

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Post time: Aug-06-2022