The Complete Guide to Choose the Right Soccer Boots

The choice of football shoes must refer to your foot type. The silhouette of football boots is wide and thin, and different foot types feel different when wearing them. Therefore, it should be seated correctly, and the foot shape should correspond to the corresponding shoe shape. Generally, our feet are divided into three types: Egyptian feet, Roman feet and Greek feet.

1.The Egyptian foot is characterized by the big toe being longer than the other four toes. People with this type of foot have good explosiveness. How do people with this type of foot choose football shoes? Considering the shape of the shoes, it is suitable to wear football shoes with a slanted head profile. This is a boot with a long thumb.
2.The characteristic of the Roman foot is that the five toes of the foot are similar in length, there are no particularly protruding toes, and the instep is relatively high and thick, so how should people with this type of foot buy football shoes? The whole foot of this type of foot If the circumference is large, you should choose football boots with wider toe caps, and prefer a football version with a round toe. In addition, choose pure kangaroo leather boots, which have a certain natural extensibility and reduce the sense of restraint on the feet.
3.The characteristic of the Greek foot is that the Greek foot refers to the foot with the second toe longer than the big toe. It is very easy for people with this type of foot to choose football shoes
How to choose football shoes, is what kind of foot type is suitable for what kind of football shoes, then the editor will introduce what kind of football field is suitable for what kind of football shoes with spikes. The types of football shoes are mainly divided into SG (soft grass), FG (hard grass), HG (hard grass), MG (multi-purpose grass), AG (artificial grass), TF (artificial plastic grass field). The football fields that everyone usually comes into contact with are generally artificial turf and plastic grass fields. When choosing football cleats, AG and TF are the best choices. Football cleats with other cleat types are not suitable. First, football shoes are quickly scrapped. The second is the poor experience of playing football. How to buy football shoes for people who often play football on hard grass ag, hg, mg are no problem.Here difeno soccer shoes would recommend the most popular one for you.

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Post time: Jul-23-2022